One Design Sails

AzureProject is the World’s Leading Solution for Sail Design, Fiber Layout and Optimisation. This program allows us to work through the various steps from rig modelling and sail shape to panel layouts, corner patched and manufacturing details. Being able to model more than one sail on a rig at the same time means we can study closely the interaction between different sails and even reefed mainsails or headsails.

All our design files are cut on our in-house CNC cutting table. This allows us to have complete control over all steps of manufacture.

Special modules of this program have been developed for the use with gaff rig to allow us to service our classic yacht customers and some classic one-design fleets.

Analysis modules can allow us to pay particular attention to corner loads and sail distortion meaning we can create the best possible panel layout, fiber path layout and cloth selection to minimise distortion.