Repair Service

Marine covers and accessories need regular maintenance to help fight the battle against day to day wear and tear, deterioration from salt water and UV light. Don’t neglect your covers! Unlike sails your covers are exposed to the elements 100% of the time. Stitching and material finish can be damaged by the elements. We treat covers with the same care and attention we do sails. All Items are checked over, repairs costed and consulted with the customer. We are always happy to make recommendations as to the most economical repair and advise on life expectancy of the cover. All work is undertaken by our dedicated in -house covers team. We are happy to store covers for the winter along with sails free of charge as long as all work invoices are settled within one month.

Sail Inspection

All Sails are carefully inspected by our team. We will advise based on the overall condition of your sail the best action to take.

Customer Communication

We maintain regular contact with our customers ensuring cost estimates are provided prior to undertaking any work.

Winter Storage

Sails can be stored in the loft for the winter. Contact the loft for details.

Quick Turn Around

Where it is needed we will always turn any repair or service work around as quick as possible to keep you on the water!


Our standard wash removes corrosives such as salt and reduces stains picked up through the year.

‘M5’ anti-fungal process, involves cleaning and coating your sail, this service will prevent algae and mildew growth for up to 9 months.

‘Seal and Glide’ Is formulated to help pre- vent dirt and mildew sticking while the coat- ing also allows furling sails to roll tighter.


Marine cover material has to be treated with care when cleaning to maintain the waterproof properties and material finish. PVC windows are polished as standard when covers are cleaned. Don’t use house- hold detergents to clean your covers!

We offer a cover re-proofing service which is best done while cleaning.

Collection Points

These collection points are Locked secure drop-off points, and the Keys are available from the main marina offices.