At Saturn we pride ourselves in making true one-off, custom covers that have been designed for your specific boat, required usability and weather conditions. We can create a cover for almost any purpose, whether it is a custom fitted canopy for a super yacht or a small tender cover.

Our design and attention to detail is what sets us aside from other cover makers. We use modern 3D measurement and CAD Software to design each cover and framework. Every piece of the cover is then cut with precision by our in-house CNC cutter. These new techniques combined with our experience of over 100 years means the end result is something we are proud to put our name on and you are proud to have on your boat.

We work closely with a number of material manufacturers so we can select the best possible cloth to meet the specific priorities of a particular cover, for example UV protection, water resistance or durability.

Contact us at the loft to discuss your project.