Collection Points - Delivery or Collection to Saturn Sails can be made either direct to our sail loft at Largs Yacht Haven or to our storeroom at the main office of Largs Yacht Haven (open 24 hours). Also at Clyde Marina, Kip Marina and Troon Marina.

Collection from Vessels - Removal or collection of sails or covers by us can be made from yachts - a charge is made for this service.


Book-in - All items are collected at the beginning of each week then booked into our Sail Loft. Each item including the sail bag is labelled with customer name, description of item, and a job number.

Inspection - The item is then laid out on the floor and carefully inspected. A work card is made up detailing the weight of the item; manufacturer; condition and along with written and pictorial details, incorporates all work which we would suggest for improvement.

Customer Contact - We then ring or mail each customer to discuss all details and seek approval to continue with the required work.

Wash/Repairs - Work is then put into progress; first the wash is carried out, followed by repairs or modifications as necessary.

Storage - Items are then booked into our storage, which we offer F.O.C. providing the account is settled within 30 days.

Billing - Finally, on our completion of all of the agreed work, the Invoice is sent to the customer.

Delivery/Collection - Can be made in the spring from our sail loft or through one of the depots.


Winter Servicing and refurbishment includes washing, overhauling and recutting of sails. All work to be carried out is set down in a fully itemised list which is always discussed with each customer before any work is started. Sails are then stored until the following season without charge, providing settlement of the account has been made on receipt of invoice. A number of Secondhand Sails are also stored on the premises and full details are available either by phone, by visiting the loft or by looking at our Secondhand Sails section.


Thoughout the year, weekly collections and deliveries are made to Troon Yacht Haven, Clyde Marina, Fairlie Quay, Largs Yacht Haven and Kip Marina and during the winter months by arrangement without charge at Hulley Marine at Sandpoint Marina.

Collections/deliveries can easily be arranged from anywhere in the UK as we obtain competitive prices from TNT Couriers.


We can expand any picture to suit your sail from a postage stamp to 20 feet, or more, in size. Designs can be fitted to all sails but for dramatic results are best when 'let-in' to spinnakers.

We can also offer a design service to your specification.