West HIghland Week 2010


John Highcock August 18, 2010

Congratulations to Robin and Christine Murray and the team on “Elf Too” on a very successful West Highland Week. Winning class 2 with a convincing set of results and the Peter Cocks memorial trophy, awarded to the yacht, which in the opinion of the Committee has given the best overall performance throughout the Points Series.

Congratulations also to:
Ian McNair and the team on “First By Farr” winning class 3A
Alan & Colin Dunnet “Valhalla of Ashton” winning class 6
Gordon and Val Aikman with “Scanne” coming 2nd in class 2
Brian Wiseman with “Sorr of Apin” finishing 3rd in class 6.


Scottish Series 2010

John Highcock June 09, 2010

(All photographs of Salamander XX at this year's Scottish Series are courtesy of Marc Turner)

Congratulations to John Corson and team Salamander.
Scottish Series class 3 and overall winners 2010

Team Salamander finally won the overall prize after attempts in previous years had resulted in a few near misses. Winning the class but not overall series, dropping the rig when leading the class, and a lack of racing on the last day causing them to miss out by the slimmest of margins.

Over the years John Corson’s enthusiasm for this event and our sport, belies his age of 80. An example of this was a phone call to me on the Sunday morning before the Scottish series. To discuss changing the size of the coach roof and primary winches, as he felt we could save a few seconds in tacking if we went up a size. A new pair of Harken 46 primaries were fitted during the next week, a testament of his desire to win.

Scottish Series 2010

When designing the new suit of sails I addressed the areas and plugged the gaps in performance both up and downwind that we had identified in the previous season. I changed the profiles and cambers of all the headsails, which allowed the boat to maintain speed and height while increasing the overlap between each sail. The new mainsail complimented the headsail range with slightly less luff curve and smaller roach.

Personally I enjoyed the opportunity to race with my son and a group of friends who all really wanted to work together and win this series with John. The highlights were the 2 races on the last day. The team was flawless in all manoeuvres and we all enjoyed sailing and caressing the best from the boat all round the course.

This is the fourth time our sails have helped power the Scottish series overall winner. With numerous individual class wins over the years. A tremendous achievement for a small local loft dedicated to customer service and manufacturing fast and durable sails.

Our dedicated team at Saturn is the power behind many winners on the race course.

The Saturn Sails Team