The 52-foot classic yacht, Dione, preparing to hoist her Saturn spinnaker We have been producing a wide range of long-lasting, well-shaped cruising sails for 20 years now and many of these are still being used today to the delight of their owners.

These include heavy-duty cruising sails for sailing schools, many of which are being used on a daily basis throughout the year, to suits of sails for 100 foot Jongerts for world cruising.

Rutgerson spiked toothed stainless steel rings are used on all of our sails for maximum corner strength. All corners are also heavily reinforced with radial panels to give lighter and stronger sails. Batten pockets are double machined and their outboard ends have strong velcro retaining tabs with extra tie retainers on battens over 4 feet.

With our care in design and attention to detail and manufacture, we hope you will also become one of our regular customers.



August 05, 2012

Beyond left Largs in June 2010, and competed in the Round Britain and Ireland race. Then set off on what has developed into a long cruise sailed mostly single handed. Sailing across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific, saw me ending up in New Zealand at the end of last year. She spent this summer in Fiji, and will return to New Zealand in October.

Beyond sails with a full wardrobe of Saturn Sails. Before I set off I got a new light weight genoa, that I set alongside the normal genoa when going downwind, and so far ninety percent of my sailing has been off the wind.

The key to making long passages successfully, especially solo, is to keep the strain on the boat and yourself, to a minimum. Sailing downwind in the trades can be rough, with day after day of fresh winds and quite big seas. I find easiest way to keep the boat in the groove and trucking on is to leave the main down and let her go with the jibs. With this arrangement the boat is being pulled rather than pushed, so she hangs on her rudder going down the waves and with no main there is no tendency for her to round up. Its easy on the boat, easy on the windvane, and most importantly, easy on me!


With my three headsails and my removable inner forestay I have a wide range of possibilities, ranging from the number four on its own when it’s strong, through to being able to set both genoas when the wind is light. Changing gear is simple, and on the passage from the Galapagos to the Marquesas (which took twenty two days) I spent a period of four days without touching a sheet or a halyard. The best twenty four hour run was 167 miles, which was done in windy conditions with just the poled out number four.

The sails have been very good, with only a few minor repairs for chafe along the way. By the end of this year the main will have clocked up 23,000 miles in just 5 years and is still going strong.

Next year will see Beyond setting off from New Zealand heading further West, hoping to reach South Africa by the end of 2013.

Many thanks to John and his team at Saturn Sails.

Stuart MacDonald.

36,000 miles Saturn Sails Roller Reefing Genoa

Email received January 21, 2012:

"Hello John

We are looking for a new cruising chute, luff length 13 metres. Can you give us an estimate for one?

We bought a reefing genoa from you in 2006 and after 36,000 miles it is in very good shape - it was described as a work of art by the sailmaker in Callao (Peru)!

Kind regards, Linda"

(Photograph approaching Tahiti)


September 15, 2009

Steve and Karen James as part of their world tour ended up cruising into our part of the world during the autumn of 08. They were organising the laying up of "Threshold" at Fairle Quay ready for next years cruising, when they dropped in and saw us to discuss some new sails.


While in the Mediterranean they had met some of our customers cruising, who recommended they came and saw us when they were next looking for replacement sails.

Threshold was launched in June 2002 and her original sails were made by North sails from a spectra laminate and had seen many repairs over the last couple of years cruising.

After discussions with Steve and Karen, they felt the weight of fabric was not an issue for them and would prefer a woven fabric for its durability. After a full rig measurement, and close inspection of the existing sails, we suggested improvements on the design and detailing for areas that gave the most problems.

The fabric we selected was Hydra-net radial, which has a spectra fibre content within a woven fabric. The fully-battened mainsail used two weights of fabric and we serviced and refitted the batten receptacles, reef blocks and battens where possible onto the new sail. Steve and Karen were keen to utilise as much of their old sail as possible. We saved leech lines and cut up the number area of the old sail and made a couple of bags.

We serviced the existing staysail, including fitting a new U.V strip and modification to make it sheet properly to the staysail sheet track.

The headsail used one weight of fabric with foam luff pads to help flatten when reefed. The U.V strip was made from Acrylic with our own unique trademark wave. Both sails had seam-kote applied to protect the stitching from U.V and chafe.



(Designer: Chuck Payne; Class: Kanter 54.5)


"Spirit of Faribridge" classic yacht

Saturn Sails have been supplying new sails in 'Classic Cream' sailcloth for the sail training ship "Spirit of Fairbridge".

"Spirit of Fairbridge" is unique. She is used by the charity Fairbridge as part of a long-term personal development programme for marginalized young people. A hard working vessel, she sails all year round with different crews of young people on board. Fairbridge chose Saturn Sails for their quality and durability.